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Living and working in Dubai as a Midwife.


I am a UK trained and registered nurse and midwife. I am looking to make a move out to the UAE. I would like to get some information about a few things
* What pay/ salary can I expect with more than 10 years experience? What else should I expect in the package.
* Should I approach the hospitals direct or go via an agency?
* Which is the better employer, government or private hospital?
* Is accomodation the biggest expense over there? I read somewhere you have to pay a years rent up front.
* I am 36, single, no dependants, an occassional drinker - can I expect to make a decent life whilst saving money for a deposit on a house in the UK (the main reason I am making this move).

If there are any websites you can point me to for more information or something you think I should know before I start the process I'd be grateful.

Side Note: The agency I approached says there is a hospital in Dubai interested in my skills and I'd like to know what to expect.

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