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Living in Dubai on Visit Visa?

Hi all,

I know it's a thrashed topic but please impart your local wisdom and help me.

My husband is currently working in Jeddah, KSA but doesn't have his Work visa yet to enable him to apply for his Iqama and get us there.
So to make things easier, myself and our two kids(Australian Passports), would like to move to Dubai and stay in short stay rentals as I understand we cannot get less than a 1yr rental agreement on normal rentals and not without a Residence Visa.
I think the short term rental shouldn't be a problem but I want to make sure (as sure as I can in the Middle East) that I will be able to stay for an indeterminate amount of time by doing visa runs. Is this possible? I see there are a number of visa run companies set up for this purpose. Is it 'allowed' and what are the chances of it not being allowed?

Any info for me would be awesome.

Thank you.


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