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Looking for Participants in a feedback study session in Dubai from 16/6/08 to 29/06/08


Looking for Participants in a feedback study session on behalf of MicroUsability, a Singapore HQ Company research company. We’re not selling anything. We are looking to schedule people to participate in a study of handheld mobile devices such as the Palm and the Blackberry. We would like see if you might be able to help us here in Dubai from the 16th June to the 29th June excluding the 19th & 25 th June for a 2 hour session .For your effort you will recive AED 200/

For this study, we are looking for:
. arabic speaking
• a mix of genders
• a mix of ages between 21 – 49
• people who have a mobile phone, PDA/smartphone with virtual Arabic keyboard on a touchscreen or PDA/smartphone with Bilingual keyboard (Arabic and English)

In order to determine if you would be eligible to participate, I’ll need to ask you some questions. Of course, your responses to these questions, as well as any participation you would have in the research study are completely confidential.

Not eligible if you do work in the Telecom industry (e.g. Verizon, T-Mobile, Qwest, Cingular, AT&T, Sprint, WorldCom), work in the Handset manufacturing industry (e.g., Apple, Research in Motion, Palm, Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Ericsson, and Microsoft), or work for a Market Research Company?. If you are you employed in the field of: Usability testing, User Interface design, User Research,ethnographic research, or interaction design.

If you think you can fit the above criteria please email Protected content would love to hear from you as to which given dates and time you would be free .

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