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My Journal - The Dubai Expo 2020 Dream

I have been asked numerous times what do I get from being chosen to be the Ambassador for Dubai Expo Protected content I do win it. This question seems to elude me as expectations from people grew in time when the votes just keep coming in. I was ecstatic that many followed me through this journey and also awed by the realities that came with it. I understand that the honor was to be chosen by His Highness Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum himself, the Ruler of Dubai based on the votes gathered; and that to enter into that world of ‘The Making of History of the Dubai’ will simply be awesome and priceless. It will be a milestone if Dubai wins the bid for Expo Protected content the start of an unstoppable economic challenge to prove it. Not everyone will get that chance, and not everyone will experience the immersion of how it is done, and why it is done. Bottom line, I will cross the bridge if I do get there.

I am a private person with no political interest. It was a simple choice that came into my lap like a gift from the heavens. When the demand of many people around to world was to live a life they call Dubai, I must admit, I was one of them. The Dubai dream holds true to many of all race and religion for wanting a job to support their family and better the quality of their life. It was a choice that many can only grasp and a leap of faith to those who dare chase the dream. It is a dream that only Dubai can fulfill the promise.

Many supportive letters were sent for that courageous effort for me to believe, and for me to win it. I was on top of the game when people see themselves in me, telling me to represent them in their behalf. But what does this mean? Am I in for a more meaningful purpose other than just to be with the Bid Team that goes to Paris as the prize? That was foremost what I just want yet the calling is greater than what it seems. I say, let the road be thread when I walk to that path. I want to have a purpose, and I want to gain meaning from this whole spectrum of excitement. Winning the Dubai Expo Protected content certainly tops my list of a life Protected content of new challenges. And I will forever thank those that voted for me, and those that believed and gave this chance to me.

Asked also if I won’t make it. My answer to that is that there is no room for doubt in my aspirations. Doubt is the root of where one fails. If so, I thought that the people that voted for me is enough assurance that many do love me, and many do think of my capacity. That alone bloats my heart.

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