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My new poem, please comment your thoughts abt it ! (Dubai)


Missing You!

Sleepless nights; Restless days

This is my life’s most difficult phase,

Life seems worthless; Motivation gone

Nothing makes difference, neither dusk nor dawn,

Brain is lost; Heart feels poorly

I have become a living dead nearly,

Thinking of you; Singing your hymn

Life is devastated, no vigor no vim,

Flip through photos; Recall the time spent

Hiding all pain inside but unable to vent,

Absence causes grief; Departure gives pain

Memories try filling gaps and tears help to drain.

You were a lost pearl, I fancied life long

Your company was delightful; don’t know, I’m right or wrong,

My heart bleeds profusely; this pain doesn’t go

Still stuck in somehow, I’m over with your love, though.


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