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News regarding our May Charity Event!!! (Dubai)

Dear Dubai Community,

We would like to thank you again for supporting our first charity project of last month’s get together. With your help we were able to collect 2,500 AED which were donated to Orphan Relief and Rescue. We have a direct contact to the organization and are sure that the money was received and well used.

Following please find some information on Orphan Relief and Rescue as well as the answer from the charity worker in Liberia:

Orphan Relief and Rescue is a small, aggressive organization specifically targeting orphans that no one else is helping. This leads us to some of the worst orphanages in West Africa, where we build relationships, trust, and ultimately implement a program cycle that begins with food relief, continues through reconstruction, and finally self-sufficiency programs designed to reduce dependency on outside aid.

Basically, we focus on the poorest, and our goal is for an orphanage to no longer need outside help; and for older children, to have a means of supporting themselves once they leave the home.

Blog: Protected content .

This is what Andrew wrote to us about Internations Dubai Community donation:

Hey Philip, thanks for the news--that's really encouraging to hear. This serves as my first introduction to InterNations, and I'm excited to hear about such a thriving, caring community.

The pressing need at hand to which I'd like to aim your funds is a roof replacement at an orphanage of 40 children. Rainy season has just begun in Liberia, and we are going to receive Protected content in the next Protected content . (As a point of comparison, Seattle gets 37 inches annually!)

Mother Harley's Orphanage was once a small building that has seen several additions, each one of less quality than the last. The metal roof is flat in some places, and leaking everywhere. The children, now on thin, moldy mattresses on the floor, will be not only sleepless but very sick if conditions don't change.

Your funds, along with others in the States and Liberia, will help us to intervene quickly: we are going to reinforce the sagging walls, replace the rotten wood and rusted metal roof, and hopefully even get them into new bunk beds and mattresses.

The total estimated cost for the walls and roof is $13,000 USD, and we're getting close now.

Photos and more background on the project can be found on our Cause page: Protected content

I'd prefer to give you wiring instructions by email, if that's alright. Please drop me a line at Protected content .

Philip, Hanan, Marce, everyone, thanks again for your support. I appreciate your trust, and will see to it that the money is used wisely.


*************Again, thank you to all of you!!!!*************************

See you soon!!!!!!!!

Marce and Philipp

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