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Papers, papers, help! (Dubai)

Hello all!
Not sure if this is the right place to be asking.....
I am new to this forum (usually in Algeria)
I will be moving to Dubai within the next month, my husband is already a resident & works there, it's all a bit of a rush as my son needs to get into school ASAP. .....
We have possibly found him a place, but that's not why I'm here!

It's the PAPERS/DOCUMENTS .... we are all British & living in Algeria for the last two years.... we will need to get our marriage certificate along with our children's birth certificates legalised/attested....
As we aren't in the UK, we can't just go down to the FCO & get them stamped & posting from Algeria isn't trustworthy at all....
Is there a way we can get our documents attested when we get to Dubai? I'm happy to do the running about as long as it is possible. ... Also, I read online that it can be done via the British Embassy. ... but they no longer offer that service ... is it safe to do via a company offering attestation in Dubai?

Thank in advance!!

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