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Possibly moving to Dubai from the US

Hi there. My husband and I are looking in to a wonderful job opportunity in Dubai. We have visited Dubai before and loved it but realize that visiting and living somewhere is very different. I was hoping that any or all of you would be willing to help me get some answers to some questions that I have in regards to Americans living in Dubai. Thank you in advance for your time :).

1. What is Dubai's stance on terrorism and what do they do to protect their citizens and expats who are living in Dubai?
2. What was the biggest adjustment for you when you first moved to Dubai and explain how you overcame that adjustment?
3. Where can I find information on the American Embassy in Dubai and what rights Americans have once living there?
4. What can American's do to protect ourselves from being red flaged as Americans while living in Dubai?
5. If something were to happen war wise, where would we go to get help and to leave the country as quickly as possible?
6. What is the healthcare like? Is it similar to American healthcare or is it more like socialized medicine?
7. Do you have any helpful websites (other than this one that will help us make the best decision for us and put our families at ease)?

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