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Poverty and illiteracy prevent people from excelling - Project (Dubai)

Poverty and illiteracy prevent people from excelling. This project will build a modern library in Haiti as the first project to bring hope and empowerment along with the opportunity for literacy and the development of life skills. Libraries play pivotal roles in the economic and civic structure of the communities they serve and act as agents of change. They help to stabilize communities and in return, those communities enable their citizenry to accomplish goals that were previously unattainable.

The project will provide opportunities to the Haitian community for access to resources through a modern library, computers, social programs, a safe environment, a social community and network and a center to open and explore thoughts and ideas for self improvement and social responsibility. This project will build leaders to embrace the challenges in the community and to champion change. You can visit; Protected content

I would welcome any support and advise to make this dream becomes reality.

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