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Retirement after Dubai

If you are one of the many expats enjoying a tax free salary in Dubai you should definitely be thinking about saving money for your retirement.


In most cases you or your employer is not paying into a pension scheme. What happens when you move back home after Protected content of working in Dubai? Just missing out on these Protected content can have dramatic affects on your pension back home.

It is easy to spend money in Dubai. Don't you want something to show for when you move back home?

You should take advantage of saving while you are working in a tax free environment and you can afford to save.

If you expect to retire at 60, on average you would need to plan for Protected content after retirement.

Example: If you retired at 60 and needed $50,000 per year to live on and you lived until 85, you would need a pension of at least $1.25 million.

If you started saving at 30 for a period of 30 years you would need no save $3,472 per month to reach the targeted pension fund.
How about leaving it 10 years and start saving at 40. You would need to save $5,208 per month over 20 years to reach the targeted pension fund.

Even if you start early to save by yourself for retirement those numbers are high and unrealistic for most people but with a good savings plan this can become a reality.

Have you thought about how much you would need per year to live on in retirement?

I can help you identify your needs and set you up with short to long term savings plans with some of the industry leaders like Friends Provident, Zurich and Generali.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to send me an email at Protected content . I can also send you an example on how your savings plan could look like.

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