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schools in Dubai

I just read a thread inquiring about schools in Dubai ...
I am not a parent, nor planning to be any time soon, but most of my friends are married with children and I do pick up a lot of information about schooling from them ...

I have formed the opinion that schools in Dubai are no less than thieves, ripping people off and getting to even blackmailing people that if they don't accept the ridiculous yearly increases in tuition fees they're kids will get thrown out of the school!

Isn't there any law around to regulate these people? why don't parents make a stand against such practices?

My friend's son is only 3 years old, and he's paying 42k a year to put him in a "day care"! ... my entire college studies for 4 years didn't cost as much and it got me going really well!

Add to it, when you ask teachers how much they're making, you are talking about peanuts in comparison to the charges parents put! and I'm pretty sure private tutors business is as thriving here as in anywhere else!

After all, I might be mistaken!


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