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Supplement / Workout Question (Dubai)


Hello unhealthy people,

This is a question to all the slaves of the gym, who have been downing supplements and been serious on ditching pizza parties/weekend parties (you know what i mean).

Here are my lovely questions -

a) Currently i am on HIIT programme and simultaneously doing heavy also, i feel the difference but i think i need to do loads of cardio, im on ON Nutritions Hydro Builder post workout formula stacked with BCAA and ZMA for better sleep, so can i stack MPs Assault too?

b) Im on week 3 with myokems testo booster, and will end my cycle on week 4, so can i start another testo (Finaflex) on week 6?

c) On my day time im using Isopure to keep me going, but i was thinking to stack Universals Animal Test for better results, please advise if its ok?

d) Is there anyway i can get my hands on oxylite pro (discontinued version)? I loved the forumla and can swear by it.

e) I know that GHs are illegal but can someone reccomend a legal way to get those? Or perhaps an alternate?

d) Im thinking to by Total Knockout and Jym protein, heard its the best now a days, so any reviews?

f) Finally, i want to combine super sets with Abs everyday, just not sure if its the right way to do it, im lazy and weak on legs but better on the chest, will it be ok to do abs super with super sets followed by cardio and stretching?

Ahhhh, thats it, these are my mighty questions to my mighty people.

*Terms and conditions apply (please dont be an ***, just try and help a person and if youre not sure then please pass on) Thank you :D

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