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Tell me more about the culture, how to dress, + (Dubai)

Hey everyone I will be visiitng soon.

Can you tell me about how best to dress. I know a lot about there but Dubai is different. Things are accepted there unlike other places...

How about nice tank tops, not teens but nice sleeveless top ok ?? or sweater. ?
How about skirts slightly above the knees ?
Shorts ? What kind and NO Not the UP the BUMM ones.

How about Ramadan ? As an expat what do you do ? anything or ?

How are the mornings there ? Does Dubai have nice morning weather ? Cooler and gets hotter in day or ?
How are ocean breezes ? Cool or warm.

Beaches, Water WARM I HOPE !!! ???

How about Shopping ?
Are things more expencive ? Clothing foods and so on.
How about fresh foods ? Produce and Fruits !!!


Villa and Apartment prices ???
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ALSO add in anything else you can share !!!


Thank you all in advance !

Ciao and Peace
z'DrLady - ADama

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