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The Best Guide to Help You Start or Grow a Busines (Dubai)

This is my latest article on LinkedIn: we talk about moms and business!
Questo e` il mio articolo appena pubblicato su LinkedIn: parliamo di mamme e business!

Let’s talk about something light and fun today, let’s talk about mums and business.

If you want to know how a successful business is achieved, look no further than the nearest mother next to you: she can teach you a thing or two about planning, executing, nurturing and growing.

First she plans accurately for 9 months, gets herself prepared, eats well, stop the bad habits, does some exercise and accumulate tools to implement. A bit like a wise businessman does: first he studies the market in depth, then prepares his strategy, then little by little assembles the pieces of the jigsaw.

At great pain, the mother gives birth…a great pain followed by immeasurable joy. She has worked hard to prepare working far harder for far longer! Again, a bit like a business person does: after all the careful planning, the stressful launch and the joy to be able to think “We’re Open!”. All he/she has done is work hard to prepare working even harder.

From minute one after the birth, the mother goes into full immersion and total dedication. Enter the sleepless nights and the full on availability to the newborn every need. The new business requires the same total 24h commitment, TLC all round the clock and careful attention to even the slightest sneeze.

The mother changes nappies, cleans bottoms and is often wet by a spring of wee-wee as she does all this…and yet she smiles and soldiers on. A business will occasionally need cleaning up too and it will be just as often that the businessman will get wet while doing it…and yet, with the same love, he will get dirty, dry up and soldier on.

The mother knows about Branding, she chooses the nicest clothing and accessories to make the baby look the way she wants him to look. Business people are the same; they will look at the product and find the best ways to make it recognizable as individuality.

The mother knows about Innovation: the baby will change clothing every day and with the greatest care, never look untidy. Business people do the same, look at their businesses every day and think how they can make it as appealing today as it was yesterday and as it needs to be tomorrow.

As the baby grows, the mother will become a Marketing expert as she promotes the baby to new clubs, schools and the likes. Same as a business needs to do; promote itself continuously to new niches and markets.

The mother will become a master in Diversification and enter the baby into various classes from football to piano-playing to tennis to Judo etc. etc… Business people do the same when they look at adding products to the main line.

The mother will be the first doctor and be able to recognize symptoms and carry out pamper and care procedures to calm the baby down…same as the good businessman who will be the first to recognize problems and will find the best way to cure the business.

The mother is a budget expert, she spends centuries (well, it feels like centuries to most men) shopping for the most and best cost effective stuff, she can patrol a supermarket isle up and down relentlessly in search of that opportunity to save while keeping the standards and quality up. She is a master of cost monitoring. A true business person does exactly the same with its suppliers.

The mother will stop at nothing; literally nothing to protect and nurture the baby…every business person feels the same way about their business. If you don't feel like that, you shouldn't be leading your business.

So, the next time you want to know how to start, nurture and grow a business, yes…by all means read about successful entrepreneurs but don’t forget to look no further than your own mother: she can teach you a thing or two about planning, pain, selfless sacrifice, total commitment, 24/7 TLC, implementing carefully and patiently, never giving up, stomach for fight and endless patience.

All you need to grow your own business baby.

(No, I won’t even go into the multi-tasking bit, as a man I am not qualified!)

If you like, please share! (and make mothers happy!)

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