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The Truth about Recruitments (Dubai)

I love doing Recruitments and nothing makes me happier than to find the right candidate for the right job. But what happens when the candidate is not loved by the client?
I have always heard people talking bad about Recruitment Consultancy’s and how a recruiter was insensitive to them. I would like to set the record straight for 80% of recruiters out there who are not in it only for the incentive but also for building a strong bond with the candidate.
A good recruiter sources based on a strict job description given by their client where nowadays people mention Nationality, gender, age and sometimes even go so far as to looks. Yes most people might consider this rude and harsh but why not sit back and think why a recruiter would mention such traits if not told so.
Some of my clients are very “Appearance Conscious” no matter what the role and most companies nowadays do not go by the saying” on the job training”. They need soldiers who when put into a battle field get to work instead of going through “missile training”. The new saying now is the “right man for the right job!”
A good Recruiter looks at a candidate from a long term perspective so that if they do not fit the current position there will always be another chance to fit in somewhere else. Yes I do agree some consultancies do not make an effort to know their candidates and I apologise on their behalf’s but these consultancies run on closures not database.
Find a good recruitment agency that tells you how to improve your CV and trains you before an interview. The consultancy that tells you that you have not been selected for the job, instead of dodging your calls. Lastly a good consultancy looks at the good will of a candidate and doesn’t try to move a candidate just for their selfish needs.
I would also like to plead to all candidates applying for jobs there to follow the below guidelines closely so that they get quick responses and are not disappointed:
- Always keep an updated CV ready with a professional current photograph. No matter where you might post it, make sure it is current and to the point.
- Always mention complete responsibilities and software’s used, no matter how irrelevant. You never know who is looking and what they are looking out for.
- When putting a title on your CV, please state what your current job title is and below that mention what you are looking for. Do not go crazy and write down feelings there
- Always mention the current salary correctly. Some recruiters are passing by your cv’s because in place of the “Current Salary” the candidate has mentioned a salary they would like to receive
- Always mention the Nationality properly
- Lastly, this might seem funny but I have noticed many times that the Gender is wrong. Yes, this is why you might not be getting a call.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to call your recruiter not just to ask your interview feedback or status but also as to how you can improve in the next interview and where you can grow.

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