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Unwanted SMS service? (Dubai)


We have a prepaid etisalat mobile phone, and we keep receiving these mysterious SMS messages from "50" and the content of the message is always the name of an area in Dubai. e.g. Arabian Ranches, Motor City, Dubai Mall, etc.

The name of the area is always where the phone is located. So it looks like one of those services you subscribe to and they send you your location by sms from time to time. However we never subscribed to anything additional and I even called etisalat customer service and they said they do not have such a service anyways and I should check with the phone settings.

We never had these messages before, started receiving them about a month or two ago. It's extremely annoying now. Tried to block the number, doesn't work.

Anybody who knows what this might be and how to get rid of it?

Any advice is appreciated.



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