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Vicious accusations (Dubai)


It has been brought to my attention that I have been accused of attempting to profit from the activities I’ve created by some members perhaps, I have not been transparent enough for the charges. So, allow me to clarify.
Private Whisky tasting held on 5 September with the cost of AED300. Which included:
Welcome drink of Champagne (not sparkling wine) but Champagne, Cognac or Red Wine.
Lots of Hala food
Talisker -10Yrs
Glenfiddich – 15 yrs
Cragganmore – 12 yrs
Laphroig – 10 yrs
Oban – 14 yrs
Dalmore – 15yrs
Plus: Free Romeo & Juliet Cigar was given for FREE!
All this for AED300. and someone had the audacity to complain to Internations Support HQ that we are trying to make a profit. The price we charged does not come close to what we personally paid out to entertain. Where in the world can one get all this for AED300.?
Okterberfest: I purchased 2 VIP tables which seats 20 guests, costing AED500. The cost were shared evenly among guest at AED50. This allows you to have a place to sit and be with the group. General admission was AED30. which you would have to find a place to sit or perhaps stand all night. I’ve purchased the tickets in faith of good in mankind, what I got were complaints to IN again, accusing me of “Trying to make a profit” and some who have asked me to reserve tickets for them until that evening, which I did and never showed. I ate the cost. Another loss for me.
Brunch at Mint Leaf: Per the restaurant’s website, personal conversations and 7Days guide to brunch advertisements, the cost with soft drinks is AED245. Someone found TimeOut advertising it for less. Could it be that TimeOut got it wrong? Again, I’m accused of “Trying to Profit” How am I trying to profit? I’m not asking anyone to pay me directly.
The decent thing to do would be to contact me directly so I can clarify, not go directly to HQ and complain. To the person(s) who have complained so viciously. I hope you feel good about yourself. We are good people who are simply trying to contribute to the betterment of our community and this is what I get for my efforts? Thanks

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