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Visiting Dubai in 2 Months & Plan to get a Job


Hi there,

I have been applying constantly since summer time (July till now). I haven't even gotten any reply whatsoever. I have over 8 years of Business Experience in Banking/Insurance, Management, Personnel Relations. I currently work as a Licensed Insurace Advisor for Royal Bank of Canada Insurance. I don't necessarily have to go into the same field - Banking/Insurance, as I know I have a lot of transferrable skills to offer. But still, no luck.

Because of my frustration, I have officially decided to go to Dubai for 3 weeks & apply to companies that are hiring. I will be there around Mid-January. I don't have any contacts. Please suggest to me where I should go to, sites, companies, agencies.

Also, for a 3 week stay, what do you suggest I do in terms of accomodation?

Any recommendations & suggestions you may have, please let me know. I really appreciate it. I am still applying constantly online. (I'm from Ontario, Canada). Hopefully, somebody replies to me soon. Thanks!

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