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Wels Gallery Logo Making Contest (Dubai)



Friends & Colleagues with Artistic Minds


Open to all interested individuals. A maximum of 3 entries per candidate is accepted.

Prizes and Announcement of winners:

The winning entry and artist will be featured on the Homepage of the website as the best graphic artist of the year, artist description and portfolio, and/or advertise their personal website and will receive AED300 in cash. Participating candidates not residing in the UAE, price will be sent to your personal bank account as per dates currency conversion.
Announcement of winners will be on 31 December Protected content .

Duration & Submission:

Call out starts 22 December Protected content and ends 29 December Protected content .
Soft copy of the logo must be submitted via email: Protected content .
Deadline of submission is on 29 December Protected content , 11PM. All submissions will be posted on 30 December Protected content Wels Gallery facebook page with the artist’s name.

Logo Design Features:

a) The Logo design must reflect on the gallery’s description as follows:

Wels Gallery is an interactive online Shoppe that brings together luxury items, extraordinary art pieces and outstanding premium products that express value, marvel, perfectness and devotion. Inspired by traveling across the globe, Wels Gallery intends to collect the best of the bests to share this experience with people who think about art and perfection similarly. So far we feature selected items from countries such as Hungary, India, Vienna, Philippines, Japan, Sudan, China, USA, Italy and the UAE.

Wels Gallery fervently aims to help raise substantial funds for worthy causes. A special page is formed to auction items that go directly to the charity or those individuals who calls for help.

Join Wels Gallery and discover what we can offer and what we have yet to see!

Additional information can be accessed through our website: Protected content , and facebook page Protected content

b) The Logo may or may not contain the text Wels Gallery

c) Entries should be in digitized format (at least Protected content

d) The raw file of the digital artwork should be drawn or illustrated in A4 size using Adobe Photoshop

e) Submit the file in following formats 1) Flat jpeg format, minimum Protected content 2) Original raw file. Filename is your name and artwork title.

f) Can be companied by a description

Judging Criteria:

Judging will be carried out according to the following criteria: (Judges are voted by “us” the audience)

Originality – 30%
Concept/Relevance – 40%
Creativity and Impact – 30%

Voters may comment the total percentage of a 100% basing on the criteria stated above.
No. of likes will be added to the total no. of percentage. Who will get the maximum no. of votes will win as per Wels Gallery Committee’s advice.

Intellectual Property Rights:

All entries submitted, as entry for the said event shall be considered as property of Wels Gallery. Wels Gallery shall also have exclusive rights to the chosen logo design; to publish it on its websites, and in other media and use in corporate materials. Wels Gallery reserves the right to further refine or make improvements and alterations on the final artwork of the winning entry.

Final Decisions:

Wels Gallery reserves the right to accept or reject any or all submissions that do not meet the contest requirements.

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