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(Creative) Writing in German (Duesseldorf)

Learning German after coming to Germany as an adult can be challenging, but it becomes better as soon as you can express your thoughts in the new language and feel understood by the opponents (even if they do not actually understand you, and just act politely :-) ... It´s fun. At some point, you notice that you begin to think in German, and it´s like "WOW".
But. To WRITE these thoughts down stays a challenge, at least for me. Somehow, the perfectly clear image or story inside my head starts looking unfamiliar and awkward immediately after it is put on the paper or screen in German language. It keeps me from trying it again for a while, which, I know, is not an effective way to improve..
Anybody here with similar experience? Trying to share their thoughts and feelings in German, for "private use" or publishing? Fascinated by a very unique charm of German words&grammar and by its challenge?
I couldn´t find a local group for this and would love to meet courageous people to conquer it with mutual encouragement, excessive praise and kind criticism ;-)

To give you an example, a small episode of my Russian past I wrote about for Duesseldorf library website.. : Protected content

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