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Events in Düsseldorf (Duesseldorf)

Hi all,

I´m new in Düsseldorf since the end of November and I´m looking forward getting to know people here. I come from Munich, where the amount of InterNations events was huge. Apart from the official events organised by the Ambassadors, in Munich different people (not Ambassadors) organised events, some of them really succesful. You could find events such as:

- Spanischer Stammtisch
- Französischer Stammtisch
- Italienischer Stammtisch
- Munich monthly dinner

Those were opportunities to meet people interested in practising specific languages (this is the case of the Stammtisches) or simply interested in going out for dinner and meet people of different nationalities (that´s the case of the Munich monthly dinner).

Would anybody be interested in this kind of events? We may start organising them.

If there is quorum we can organise the first "Düsseldorf monthly dinner" or any other event anybody may think of.

Looking forward to hear from you,

Duesseldorf Forum