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Gymnasium with a bilingual English program? (Duesseldorf)

Hi Expats,
Moving to the Dusseldorf area and am looking for a Gymnasium for my 13 yr old daughter - entering level 8.

She has some basic German after taking 5 years of German language school on Saturday mornings in Canada but she is still a little uncomfortable with conversational German probably due to the fact that neither of her parents speak German (well my wife has a little experience.. having a German father and relatives).

I am looking for a local school with a bilingual English program. I have found one in Oberkassel (Cecilien High School).

The international schools seems too expensive and we want our daughter to become proficient in German.

As our choice of apartment will be focused around where the school is located. Or hopefully a relatively easy route via public transit.

Does anyone know of any other Gymnasium with a similar bilingual English program in the area?

(I will be working out of Ratingen by the way).

Any suggestions?

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