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Mochi needs a loving new home (Duesseldorf)


My appologies for double posting in the adverts as well, but as it is urgent and i want to reach a large volume of people i am posting this here as well:

Please help me find a loving home for my little boy Mochi.

I have recieved some pretty bad news and basically i am being made to move house and i can no longer support my cat.

I have had him for 5 years since he was a tiny kitten. I love him to bits and I am heart broken over the loss, but really i have no choice.

Mochi is 5, a marmalade tabby, (birthday 5th March Protected content . Hes not a pedigree or anything just a real character and a lovely little guy. Hes had some real problems with being bullied by bigger cats in germany, and he has now lost his tail and has a little chunk out of his ear, poor thing :( Even after all of this he is a beautiful and really striking looking boy wish pretty stripes and big golden eyes.

If you could give Mochi a safe comfortable home, where he can go outside (he needs regular access daily to the outside world) you would be saving my best friend.

If you say you would like to keep him, i would give you everything i have for him. He has a passport issued in the UK, a carry case, collars, bowls, bedding, toys, snacks etc etc. I would have to see the house that he was going to, this could be with photos. I would also like to talk to you a little.

Please reply to me here and we can move on from there. If you would like to see pictures of him send me a message and i will email them to you.

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