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Moving to Dusseldorf ... and usual questions on it (Duesseldorf)

Hi everyone

I am considering moving to Dusseldorf from London (job reasons). I have been in the city a couple of times, but mostly for interviews and did not have the chance to properly look around.

A bit more about myself Protected content old, single, originally from Portugal but left 15 years ago and lived in France, Belgium, Uk, Netherlands, Hungary.

Main obstacle in my mind to make a definitive decision is how much I will enjoy life in Dusseldorf and be able to create an attractive life. I know that you can make yourself happy in most of the places, but unfortunately, I did not like my experience in Amsterdam and was never able to gel with the local people (and admit that after a while stopped trying!). And nope, do not talk German (but would learn if I will move)

So, a couple of questions:
- If you like living in Dusseldorf, what makes this a positive experience?
- If you do not like, what makes it a negative experience?

And then the other usual question - which area do you recommend living? I am looking for a 2 bedroom appartement, preferably with garden / terrasse. I will be driving to work and need to be able to park. I tend to like areas which are busy (have little bars / cafes/ shops) & characterful, with pretty buildings / squares. Brief, I like to wake up on Saturday and have all that I need around me! Was recommended to look around Bilk, Flingern Nord, Pemplefort and potentially Oberkassel (though everyone tells me it's a more family orientated). My budget is ~ Protected content

Thanks for your answers!

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