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New girl in town! (Duesseldorf)

Hello everybody!

I am moving to Düsseldorf in a weeks time for a new job and project within the Visa and Consular Outsourcing field.
I currently live part time in Berlin and in Bremen.
I am a member with Internations Berlin.
I have spent several years abroad in Norway and in Ghana in West Africa and several other countries.
I moved back to Germany in August Protected content , after 15 years in the tropics, Ghana in West Africa where i worked for the british and danish Embassy in the Visa and Consular department.
I am of mexican and german origin, born in Germany.
I am very sociable and love to go out and have many friends.
I would be happy to meet new friends in Düsseldorf since i am going to be here for a while.
Could anyone tell me when the next international Internations get together will be?
I am also looking for a reasonable furnished flat within the centre of the city in the near of Bismarckstrasse.
Since i spent many years in Scandinavia and speak fluent Norwegian understand swedish and danish too i would be happy to meet scandinavians too.
Looking forward for some responses from you.

You can also write me an email to Protected content

Kind regards,


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