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New to Deus. w/ 1-Year-Old Baby: Doctors/English? (Duesseldorf)


My husband and I are moving to Dusseldorf in August with our one year old son. I am wondering in particular about a couple of things, and hoping to find some advice here.

1) How easily have you been able to find English speaking doctors/pediatricians, nurses, and pharmacists when you need medical help? I am in the middle of nursing my baby back to health from a stomach virus, and I am worried about communicating in situations like this while I am still very new to the language.

2) How are the areas of Kaiserswerth, Oberkassel, and Stockum for walking and easy access to transit? My husband will be driving our car to work, so I want to make sure we find a rental in an area with groceries, pharmacies, and parks nearby.

3) On a related to note to my first question, has anyone had a baby both in the US and in Germany? Do you have any advice about what to expect as far as how the experiences may differ?

Many thanks, and I look forward to meeting some of you in a few months!


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