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Not that I don't like Currywurst, French Fries&Co (Duesseldorf)

...and many more of all these tasty traps that exist in Germany and other places in the world and unfortunately they ARE tasty, but to much of those or only those fast food and fat meat traps make us ill!
OR let’s express it the other way around: Food that has no micro nutrients can make us really really sick. Maybe not today or tomorrow but latest in a few years! And a very unhealthy and ugly side effect is the inevitable gain of weight which makes whole nations incl. Germany soon will become XXL nations – very sad, don’t you think??

The high stress level, the lack of quality in food plus chemical supplements in food everywhere, the lack of movement and clean fresh air in our daily life and the environmental free radicals – all these facts would imply that we HAVE TO eat a lot of micro nutrients to fight these negative facts surrounding us!!
What to do about it?

I decided to enter the market of prevention and healthy nutrition, i.e. I am doing something for my health now to feel better and be healthier today and in the future without being too strict with myself! I lost some weight on the way which makes me even feel better and with Protected content I am getting all the micro nutrients that my whole organism needs – and the good news is: every day!!
Micro nutrients are included in all kinds of fruits and veggies and they are much more than only vitamins!!
If you are interested in being healthier, fitter and lighter…do not hesitate to contact me I would be glad to help you finding the easiest but one of the healthiest way in Germany to feed yourself the micro nutrients that any human organism needs desperatey and to manage your weight in case you find it difficult to manage it without Jojo effect. Get informed about your deficit in micro nutrients the earlier the better!
I wish us all a fit and healthy day!

You wanna know what micro nutrients are? Click here: Protected content
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See you guys around!
Andrea Liffers
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