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Help rescue a bear from a horrible pet shop (Khobar (Eastern Prov.))


Dear group members,

Please could I ask you to sign a petition that has been launched as part of a campaign to rescue a bear from a horrible pet shop in Jeddah. Activists have secured a new home for him in the UK at a wonderful centre, but the pet shop owner and CITES are not responding to requests to get the process moving. The bear has been held in the pet shop for many years and is fed a very poor diet of bread and kept in a concrete prison cell. People visit the shop and allow children to throw things at him and abuse him. The staff don't have any training in how to care for animals - let alone a rare creature like this one. It is a terrible situation, which goes against all the teachings of the Koran as well as international animal welfare rules.

Many people will think that petitions don't work - but a couple of years ago we used one as part of a SUCCESSFUL campaign to free a lynx from captivitiy in a pet shop.

So, I ask all of you to spare 2 minutes to sign the petition:

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Just copy and paste it into your web browser. The above link also contains more information and details of other ways that you can help.

Here is a video that a young student has put together about the bear:
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If you are in Jeddah - please visit the bear and take him some fresh fruit!

If there is anyone out there who feels they can 'influence' the relevent authorities, please send me a private message.

Sign and share!!

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