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Advice needed. (Edmonton)

Hi Guys,

Just being going through the forum, and i see lots of people looking for jobs, asking for help and talking all about their dream of moving.

I hope i don't fall into any of the above threads, but i would appreciate any advice anyone could put my way about the legal side of moving, and advice you can offer, and any jobs and places you can recommend. (actually i guess i fit into ALL of the above threads!)

OK, so a little background. I am a British Ex Pat, currently living and working in the Philippines Protected content old). I currently work in a BPO as a UK Specialist and Facilitator I am due to get married to my fiancee in the next few months, (She is a Filipino, Director of a International Mining and Trading Company, 37 years old). Her family all live in Canada, where they have 2 businesses in the hotel industry and Mining/Trading Industry). We have no children and would be married before the move.

We have decided that its time to move from the heat of the Philippines to a cooler environment (ie Canada), but i am unsure on how to best go about this.

Do we let her go first under her family and then i should come over after, should i look to be employed as a Ex Pat with a company who would organize the visa etc?

I am a little confused over the legal side of things and how it would work for me, i know that as a British Citizen i would be able to travel to the country for up to 6 months without a Visa (correct me if i am wrong), and that i would need to have a working visa if i wanted to get a role, but even that seems to be very complicated and all the sites i am visiting to get advice seem to point to several difference things, which ultimately either don't apply, or don't really seem to address both of us.

I would love to understand the legal side more, ideas on jobs i could look at (including job agencies etc) - Ultimately we are looking to move there and become Citizens of Canada.

The other thing i seem to be noticing is the trend of different parts of the country - in some cases different towns, offering different packages to ex pats. Although we are looking at Saskatchewan as the place to be.

Any and all advice you could all give would be great.

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