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  • Pascal Tremblay

    With InterNations as my network, I have been able to make many friends learn the ins and outs about living in The Hague.

Living in Enschede

Living in Enschede as an expatriate should be a pleasant experience, with a cosmopolitan and multicultural population which welcomes newcomers to its environs. A university campus city, Enschede has many green expanses and parks to enjoy, and has even been nicknamed “The Green City” as a result. The city center is vibrant, with open-air cafés, bars and restaurants around the Old Market Square. Proximity to the German border ensures an influx of visitors to the Van Heekplein twice-weekly market, and most of Enschede’s population speaks fluent German in addition to their native Dutch. English is also widely understood. The city center is pedestrianized, with limited parking, but the Dutch love affair with the bicycle makes local trips on two wheels the favorite means of getting around Enschede. Cycling paths abound in the city and its suburbs, and riders have right of way at road junctions, making it a safe means of transport. The InterNations online community is a select, but friendly, network of individuals and their families with a common bond: that of living in a foreign country. By registering as a member of InterNations, expats living in Enschede may make contact with members of a similar professional standing for friendship, organizing social gatherings and visits to places of interest.

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Moving to Enschede

Enschede, with its multicultural population, should not present any language problems, but as every expatriate knows, moving to a new country is stressful and demanding. Problems may arise which need specific answers, and often cannot be resolved without the help of those who have themselves undertaken the process of relocation. The InterNations website gives expats moving to Enschede access to fellow expatriates with knowledge of Holland, its near neighbor Germany, and even Enschede itself. Using the online forums should quickly bring a resolution to specific problems, but for more general information on living abroad as an expatriate, the InterNations Expat Magazine contains many articles on a wide range of expatriation related subjects. It is a recommended read before, during, and after your move to Enschede.

Working in Enschede

Enschede is recovering from an economic downturn and a disastrous fireworks depot explosion which forced the city to redevelop its Roombeek neighborhood. The city is now using its academic knowledge base and large number of resident entrepreneurs to bring employment in the service industries and information technology companies. The area is a specialist nanotechnology center, occupying the Business and Science Park and the Kennispark Twente, or Knowledge Park. An expat working in Enschede, you might find yourself employed by one of the some ten thousand businesses that are based in Enschede, many of which are also collaborating with the Saxion University of Applied Sciences. The International Institute for Geoinformation Science and Earth Observation is also based in Enschede. Using InterNations to socialize with fellow expats working in and around Enschede enables you not only to make contact online, but you can obviously also try and organize a get together in the city, visiting for example the medieval Grote Kerk church, or one of the theaters and concerts in the Old Market Square area.

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May 19, 2024, 4:00 PM
5 attendees
Updates: 5 tickets left ✌️ For a Sunday unlike any other... Carpe Diem Trio: Three musicians who have known each other and played together for more than 15 years. Top Amsterdam-based musicians, feat
May 22, 2024, 3:00 PM
5 attendees
I cordially invite you all to join me for a delightful afternoon tea at the (...) Protected content (...) . Let's relax and catch up over a selection of tasty treats and fragrant teas in the charmin
In May we meet in WestCord Hotel at their Bar & Brasserie Lumen. The impressive high ceiling immediately catches your eye in this spacious venue with a unique bar and lounge. Indulge in a drink in th
May 24, 2024, 8:30 PM
8 attendees
It is the month of May and it is time for our get-together. Let's meet on Friday 24/05/24 20:30 at Grand Cafe Mr Bakels in Zuiderdiep to chat and socialize. Looking forward!

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  • Pascal Tremblay

    With InterNations as my network, I have been able to make many friends learn the ins and outs about living in The Hague.

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