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Need Help: Current Situation living there? (Florence)


Hi Everyone:
My husband and I were just going to get very serious about living there in a small area south of Sienna. Hopefully a small village called Bagno Vignoni. We are all about the hot springs! Then we just saw the recent Internations survey results which showed Italy was near the bottom of good places to go for expats.

We are US citizens and will try for the visa which shows we have sufficient funds in bank...not needing to work there, etc. Also, we are hoping to buy a townhouse in Bagno Vignoni if one comes on the market at a decent price. We might have children in the future but just plan to put them in the international school in Siena - hopefully.

We are disturbed about the results of the internations survey...QUESTION: is Italy that economically difficult right now that it is depressing the overall enjoyment of living there? How bad is it? The survey also indicated that it is extremely difficult to integrate with you find this to be true? Also, any additional thoughts are very welcome!

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