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What Are The Dos and Don'ts in Working With Teams? (Florence)

Team Work is a term, that some would consider limited to certain jobs; this is not true at all. You are working with teams outside your department, all of you to achieve the vision of your top management. You work in team when you are an entrepreneur, and a startup initiator, at that level you are doing tasks of normal employee, once again to achieve company’s vision. This is why you should consider being in a member of the team, even if not listed in your job description. Follow those Dos’ and Don’ts for best performance, for better Personal Brand

The Dos:

- Protected content that your first responsibility is to the team
- Protected content an effort to speak up and draw out quiet members
- Protected content honest with all team members
- Protected content the team’s progress.
- Protected content fair and work your hardest.
- Protected content to your boss orders and requests.

The Don’ts:

- Protected content selfish.
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