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A dining out partner(s), anyone ? (Frankfurt)

Recently there was a flood of nice offers (~70% discount) from Groupon and similar, including dining out in restaurants, but the offers are for couples, which I am clearly not now. So I am wondering if there are other people out there, who would like to "team up" for dining : )

To be realistic, of course it is a one-off event to have the coupon cost splitted two-way, but who knows maybe later it could become a regular event on Internations ?

Today's example:

Saftige Schnitzel, knackiger Salat und frische Beilagen für Zwei
8,90 Euro statt 18,40 Euro - im Restaurant Sommertraum, Ostendstraße 28, Protected content Protected content
Kälte, Nässe und grau verhangener Himmel, das ist momentan der wettermäßige Normalzustand, da kann man nur vom Sommer träumen. Am besten geht das wohl im Restaurant Sommertraum in Frankfurts schönem Osten. Hier kannst Du in modernem, sonnigem Ambiente Leckeres genießen!

Disclaimer: I am not in any way connected to Groupon or any of these marketing companies.

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