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anyone interested on karting? (Frankfurt)


Hi all

I can't believe that I'm the only guy here that has gasoline instead blood!, The autobahn is a place where you shouldn't try to go fast because it is dangerous and there are other people there, but luckily we have the kartins for that!

I can organize something, I know where to find karting installations in this area, but before I start planning an event I would like to know how many people are interested on that, because I have to reserve the karting only for us. The event could be like this:

- Go to the karting

- The first rounds let you get used to the kart and allows you to try to get the fastest lap possible. After the time is over we are ordered depending on the time that we got in our fastest lap

- After that we race for 15 minutes and after the race you get a sheet with the final results, your statistics, the time on your laps, the position and so on

- Once the race is over we go to some restaurant in the near to talk about the race, to comment the laps, have a good time and of course eat and drink something.

Be aware that this event is not for free!, we have to pay the cost of the karting installations.

So please leave your reply if you are interested in.


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