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Beauty Pagent: Frankf, Wiesb, Heidel, (Mann/Karls) (Frankfurt)


Hello People,

WHAT IS THE BEST CITY??????????? :@ Protected content

Come on! Be intuitive. I believe in you. You can do it! ; Protected content
Few small hints below:

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I am an 'AMI' - Protected content old but look and act Protected content Protected content in Dresden 9 yrs.

worked Boeing(7yrs), 4 AMD(5), Miessner Porcelain(comuted on train 40 min np.)
Programmer, Manufacturing optimization, Automation, software architecht
I am only middle class.

married 14 yrs with german woman. Divorced with 10yr old son. Protected content is taking son to Heidelberg for post PHD job and boyfriend.. and I need to be near him. German is almost very good.

seen whole world, very cosmopolitan. . like just on border of a happenin hip place. not IN it Protected content person, lots of cool tiefgründige friends in Dresden I must leave. :o Protected content I make friends easily and people love me :o)
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