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Couch Surfing... or coach surfing? (Frankfurt)

This year have been really fantastic

all started after my divorce early in the year..then the worldbodypainting festival which was great, we painted and offered workshops along the week in Kärten Austria...

i didint really espect this to happend but apparently my traveler blood brought me back to the road... Helsinki have been already twice i my travel destinations this year and met great people there...also participatd in an Internations event...that was very cool

I learned about coach surfing....or couch surfing?... and now i know it is possible to meet people by staying at their places for few days... avery interesting experience...

i left my business man suit case and end up again travlin with a backpack and a tent...plsu my IBM laptop...i should say IBM are for every type of territory...rain, sand and mountain... it is stil alive and working very well getting connected from almost every hotspot!

I have been in the dolomites and then later on back in sü i am in innsbruck..preparing my travel back to germany

I wonder...almost 6 months abroad and had alot of fun and work..

Protected content .. a traveler blog showing some of my destinations, along my free time

and well... i think the every day yoga helped me loose about 15 Kg... which is great... the life abroad have been wonderful and some how i dont have the feeling of letting it go...

i loved it to travel and meet new people also do business presentations, courses, webinars and coaching....

now few weeks close to be Back in frankfurts rroundings i wonder if i could maintain this lifestyle i like so much...

i will be back for the first week in december... need to extend my business visa... otherwise i would come back to germany....and well, yes i will reopen a business in germany...

and i wonder now, in this traveler mood, if there is by internations a coach surfing initiative...?

LOL... i actually find it interesting...i met so many business people and realized there is an increasing tendency to be more relaxed and laid back in daily life and business as many years ago..i like make us feel..."normal" humans...even most of us do not live normal lifes anymore...

well, looking forward to meet you...finally!


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