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Join me, give us your vote this weekend!
Mitmachen, gib' uns deine Stimme dieser Wochenende! (siehe unten für Deutsch)
¡Participe! ¡Únete a mí y nos dan su voto este fin de semana! (mira abajo para el texto español)
Join me, give your vote tomorrow to List 19: Internationale Stimme Frankfurt!

This Sunday, November 29 is election day for your new Foreigner’s Advisory Council (in Frankfurt, it's called 'KAV'). The KAV has been the elected representation of foreigners in Frankfurt for many years. I would like your support – your vote this Sunday – to help me continue the success of the work of the KAV over the coming years.

Voting is easy! As a foreign resident in Frankfurt, you are already registered. Just take your passport to your neighborhood polling station this Sunday from 8:00am to 6:00pm and vote for Liste 19: Internationale Stimme Frankfurt.

Q: I mislaid my voting card (city of Frankfurt sent info per mail late October), can I still vote?
A: No problem! Just take your passport to your designated neighborhood polling station. Your name will be on the local residents list.

Q: Where is my local polling station?
A: Refer to the attached pdf to find your local polling station

More questions? Take a look at Protected content or send me a message.

Thanks for your support! Be sure to vote – and pass the message on!

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