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Fake it 'til you make it . . . (Frankfurt)

. . . About fakes on InterNations.

How can one disclose if a profile is a fake or not ?

1) A profile is too good to be true.
2) A newbie who makes moves within a matter of one or two days of membership where others need months to find their way (meaning: They know the site and have been banned before under different name)
3) When they approach you . . . click and read their profile. Check their company/website and . . . if you're wary . . . even check their websites source code
4) Call them
5) Meet them IRL

And yes, there could also be fake profiles in the Frankfurt Community :-)

Because one thing you should def not forget . . . the more interesting the audience . . . the more . . .

You get my drift.

So what's your best practice to figure out if someone is real or not ?


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