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Handmade figure (Frankfurt)

Dear everyone,

I like doing some needle work when I have time. With a special kind of thread that I brought from Hong Kong, I make some small figures. With wool I make bigger ones that could be cuddling dolls.

Here I would like to offer them to you. For pictures of the products (I will try to keep updating new products), please go to Protected content
To show their size, I tried to hold some in my hands. Be warned that my hands are small. If you want to know how small they are exactly, go to C&A, find a pair of skiing gloves for 10 Jahre. They fit my hands well... ;)

The frog made of wool had been a gift to my English host mum, so now it is not in the stock. But for others, they are all ready for sale. But if you really like it, I can make it again.

Let me give you some hint: ladies and girls like them. Actually there are two more turtles but they were also given to my German mum as gifts - the one in the picture is already the third one... So the tip is men, you can buy one for your girl - either girlfriend or wife, for the coming big day in February~

One more point to make, you can make order. I have many other designs in hand but you can also order something you like. I can't promise I can make all things but with the picture of what you want, I can try to see whether I can make it or not. The point is, ordering your own design of course costs a bit more.

Okay, for cost, it's a difficult question. I haven't decided yet and it's negotiable. If any of you are interested, feel free to email me with your budget or any other question (such as your design or my other design or the like): Protected content
Simple german is also okay for me. I will reply within 12 hours (mostly much shorter).

Rain =)

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