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Kieser Training - free trial sessions available (Frankfurt)

Anyone thinking about joining Kieser Training?
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I have been an enthusiastic member of Kieser Training for 1,5 years and can highly recommend it.
It is effective, fun and doesn't take away too much time (less than 1/2 hour of training, twice a week)

*I have two coupons to give away to REALLY interested persons. One coupon is valid for 6 free trail sessions which include accompanied introductory trainings.*

If you are REALLY interested in trying it out because you are thinking about improving your fitness in an effective way, than let me know and I can give you the coupon.
It doesn't make sense to take this "free ride" just for the sake of it because the training effects only kick in later - with more than 6 sessions.

So if you are seriously contemplating about joining, let me know. Of course, with using the coupon there is no obligation to join in case you realize that it is not what you were looking for!!

Limited time offer!:
If you want to try it out, you will have to show up with the coupon at one of the Kieser Training sites ( Protected content ) for your first training by SEPTEMBER 30th!
It is advisable to make an appointment. You can go to any Kieser Training nearby. Here are the facilities in the Rhein-Main-Area:
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Some more info in advance:
There is no annoying music, no screens with 15 different programs etc. that take away your concentration from your training (like in other fitness clubs...).
People of all ages, genders and professions are members

Prices at the moment are as follows:
12-month membership: 45 Euro per month if you pay in advance; aprox. 54 Euro if you pay month by month. I signed a 24-month contract, paid in advance; thus I paid around 38 Euro per month.
Please, ask for the conditions for early contract termination at the local training facility.

No joining fees apply.

You can use your Kieser ID in ANY other Kieser Training facility, also internationally.

Okay, in case you are interested to try it out for 6 sessions, let me know.


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