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Part 1: 24 Hours Anti-Corona - Measures At Home (Frankfurt)

Part 1:
Written for you by Xiaolan and Katia from Chinese Finnish and German sources

24 Hours Anti-Corona - Measures At Home
Most important: Avoid the dangerous place and maintain physical distance. Think three times before taking you somewhere.

1. Asylum for the elderly, old people's homes, social clubs for the elderly - protecting them by limiting physical contact and exchange of any medically uninfected objects. They die first if we do not protect them from physical contact with us.
2. Public transport.
3. Toys, playground / play areas (many people touch, the virus stays in the object)
4. 1,5 m distance from all people (relatives, close friends, acquaintances, not only important only for foreigners). There is no joint jogging or walking close to each other.
5. Supermarket - RISC ENORM. Because of the people who buy enormously and go to the supermarket as an anti-anxiety therapy to stay at home, the human density in supermarkets is very high. He didn't know who put his hand or squeezed a few hours ago in the direction of the product you bought. The virus lives in the air for several hours and on cardboard, plastic, metal surfaces a few days! A distance of 1.5 m from one another unfortunately is not respected in supermarkets. Shopping with children has also been observed and the risk is even greater because children reach everything. Only necessary shopping, once / twice a week with no children. Only one person in the family goes shopping - not two, not three.
6. Elevators and rooms with poor ventilation and exposure to poor sunlight. The virus lives in the air for several hours and on cardboard, plastic, metal surfaces a few days!
7. Markets of any type

A. Have you been out? Antivirus in a few steps

Basic tip: Do not leave the house more than once every three days. When you leave once every three days, the following steps are followed.

When we return home from the outside, clothes, hands, mobile phones, etc. they can be contaminated by the external environment. How can we prevent Corona Virus?

Experts say that the following steps can be followed when returning home:
1. First remove your shoes in front of the door.
2. Take off your coat and hang it outdoors with UV sunlight; Otherwise, please only in the hall, not in the living room / bedroom).
3. Any bags with which you were outside remain in the corridor. Including women's purse. Not in the kitchen, not in the bathroom, not in the living room, not in the bedroom.
4. If you are part of the risk group, wear latex gloves when you go out, when returning home, remove and throw.
5. Wash hands thoroughly with soap for 20 seconds or hand sanitizer. Washing is preferred over disinfectant. Protected content
6. Remove the mask and be careful not to touch the surface of the mask (both sides) (if you have the mask)
7. Disinfect the cell phone and glasses - attention, coronavirus enters through the eyes, nose, mouth. Keep your glasses on your nose if you go outside.
8. Disinfect clothes, wash them at 60 degrees C.
9. Discard the bags in which you brought your purchases if they are plastic. Don't keep them. If the bag is cloth, put it at 60 degrees C.

B. Disinfect the mobile phone - the phone is contaminated by saliva, sneezing, coughing Protected content per sneeze) etc. and the surfaces you put on (including your bag or table)

1. Avoid disinfection when the phone is hot.
2. Use cotton wool soaked in alcohol to disinfect; If the alcohol reaches the small holes of the mobile phone, it could damage the use of the mobile phone.
3. Remove the phone case regularly for disinfection.

C. How to disinfect clothes

1. High temperature cleaning mode (over 60 ° C). Coronavirus lives only below 56 ° C. Do not wash at 30 ° C or 40 ° C - only above 60 ° C.
2. Ultraviolet radiation can kill new corona viruses. Outdoor jackets hang on balconies or in the garden.

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