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Vegan/Plant-based eating in Germany? (Frankfurt)

Hi everyone
I'm about to move to Hesse from Southern California (for post-grad work in Kassel) and I am a little nervous about food. I know that Berlin is said to be a vegan's haven, but I will not live there, and I'm more plant-based than actual vegan (I avoid meat substitutes and fast food).

I'm just wondering if it might be difficult for me to afford a plant-based lifestyle when I arrive? Vegetables and produce are grown here year round in California and they're very affordable. My sense of Germany in general is that it is a meat/dairy culture, and while I don't judge that, I can't eat that way. I eat plant-based due to health issues.

Any advice would be welcome. I'm actually quite concerned about how to avoid going hungry when I first arrive, as I cannot speak German yet and will not know my way around. I plan to be there in October.

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