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When a PhD picks your brain it must not be . . . (Frankfurt)

. . . Hannibal Lecter.

As PRO, the InterNations Professional Networking Club in Frankfurt ( Protected content ) gains seemingly momentum we (I and my future Co-Moderators/You ?) plan to torture our valued members with a newsflash called PhD.

To find the right mix please allow me to pick your brains:

1 Name finding - PhD stands for P (PRO = The Group logo in Group section) h (healthy/humble/ ?) D (Digest) - still struggling with the 'h' whether it would be better with healthy or humble or another 'h' option I haven't thought of yet. Any idea or if not, which option would you prefer ?

2. How often - As those in s/m might know already it is always about the right mix otherwise you could kill someone or drive club members off. So when torturing club members with (yaIn) yet another InterNations newsletter, how often should that be to be still considered . . . 'digestible' as in Digest ? Experienced club members know what I am talking about . . . those letters sent out to club members one after another within short time frame from same club or moderator, etc.

3. Content - Which content would you like to find reflected in our PhD ?

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