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A club worth mentioning - Aqua (Freetown)

I found this place almost at the end of Damba Rb, Murray Town called Aqua club that has some good sporting facilities for the sport buffs among you who are now getting bored with going to the beach every weekend and day. I met quite a decent crown and even made some friends, they have a vetting policy so you'll have to be patient (Well, I'm yet to be accepted), but you can pay to enjoy their facilities, that include among others a tennis and squash court, a swimming pool bar, pub nice view of the Aberdeen bridge and the sea towards Lungi, boats and fishing. For me, it was a welcome change from my regular commute.

It is at the end of Damba Rd and not exactly a route many people ply, if you decide to go there during the day, then you can walk, else drive there. Safest place to ask for directions; Aberdeen Rd Junction on the Wilkinson Rd. Do check it out and let me have your comments.

I hope to bring you more updates from other locations that I intend exploring over the course of the week. Have a wonderful weekend.


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