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Costs of living in Freetown

Hi there

My husband and I are possibly moving to Freetown in a few months time to work as volunteers with the YMCA. We would stay for a year initially, possibly two, depending on how the project goes and the experience. We are very excited!

However before we commit we would like to know what it might cost us to live. We are not extravagant but want to be able to buy food, toiletries, medications, the odd item of clothing, perhaps put petrol in a borrowed vehicle occasionally, have a mobile phone, internet access. The usual stuff. What do people reckon we need to budget for?

We would also be looking for somewhere to live. Two bedrooms (so family can visit), kitchen and a bathroom with hot water (shower / loo). We don't want to live it up or slum down. Just somewhere ordinary and safe. What are we looking at in terms of cost of rental and then bills - electricity etc?

It would be really helpful for us to have some ideas of what we need. All being well we will be in SL in 9 months time!

Sam and Pete

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