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Getting started in Freiburg

Hi Everyone,

I've been in Freiburg for just over one month now and I love it here. I am actually in the process of getting my Italian (!) citizenship through a process called "jure sanguinis". However, I am taking advantage of this for the purpose of remaining in Germany. You work with what you've got!

After visiting the Italian Consulate, I have learned that first I need to establish residency. After researching residency, I realize I need to first obtain a health certificate! While I am, of course, proceeding to work on these things, I was wondering if anyone had any advice for either streamlining the process, or making sure I get it right the first time. I would prefer to not reinvent the wheel if at all possible.

Let me offer a sincere thank you ahead of time, to anyone who may be able to assist me or offer me advice.

Thanks and have a great day and a great New Year! Tschüss!

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