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Overall feedback about Freiburg

Hi all, I'm currently evaluating a job opportunity in a small town in Germany, close to France and Switzerland. Since maybe I'll move from Turin in Italy, that has almost 1M citizens, my choice would be Freiburg, that seems to be nice, quite populated and not too far from work.
According to your experience, is Freiburg a city in which is easy to integrate in? Which are the best way here to meet new people (e.g. specific events for expats?) ?
I'm asking this, considering that unfortunatly the work place would be at 50 minutes, so maybe none of the colleague will help me to meet people and places in Freiburg after work.

Thanks in advance for any suggestion or for sharing any impression you had moving in Freiburgfrom your hometown, I really do no want to make the wrong decision :-)


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