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The wierdest request ever...Nicola,Brazilian, 25 (Genoa)

Hi all,
I need your help, even its gonna be the weirdest request u have ever got...
I am looking for a person, who is from Genova or Chiavari (because I read on wikipedia there is a community that speaks Portugese). I even contacted the church, those which had email...
My name is Gabriella Karvak, Gabi from Budapest, Hungary.
On the 23th of January I met an Italian Brazilian guy in Budapest, whose both parents are Brazilians and he comes from Genova or from surrounding (I am not sure), he is blond, with blue eyes, 25 year old, and I know he has a sister and this is almost all I know about him.

He stayed in a hostel called Retox in Budapest and we met at a bar called "Fogasház" he stayed in Budapest till the 25th of January, Protected content , but the hostel has not so good administration, so they could not find him based on his name and details i knew. Nicola speaks portugese, german, english and spanish. Since both parents are Brazilians I read on the internet Chiavari is a region where people talk portugese, so I wanna give it a try to find him maybe in Chiavari.
Yeah, i know, it sounds impossible to find him with these infomations, but I dont wanna give up, as he left big impression on me as a person and i regret that i did not ask for his contact a lot.
Give me pls some tips, how would you find a person based on these infos. Do you know for some communities I could write too?
I know he has a facebook account, but i could not find him yet, he is not active much there.
He used to play piano.
He likes Kizomba, Samba.
And he is the best person I have ever met in my life.

I really need your help.
Thank you very much in advance,
message me pls if any info: Protected content

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