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Politics (Gent)


Have any of you figured out the regional political culture around Gent? What are the major controversial issues, what are the chief positions on them, and how widely held are they. Which political parities are more prominently supported by Stroppendragers?

I can get hints to answers to these questions from Protected content and Protected content , but they are not really Gent-specific. As an English-only speaker (unfortunately and sadly), I can't really figure out the local political landscape.

I realize there is a kind of Flemish nationalist movement that, I take, is anti-immigrant and probably like separation from Wallonia, I don't know how strong it is overall and especially how strong it is in and around Gent specifically. I lived in centrum for six months in Protected content will live there again for a couple months very soon, and it seems overwhelmingly liberal-progressive, but since I don't read or speak Dutch, I'm not sure about that. Moreover, the suburbs could be quite different.

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