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Moving to Belgrade

What to know if you're moving to Belgrade

Belgrade is attracting many expats, since it is both the capital city and the main economical center of Serbia. Moreover, because of its tumultuous history, expats moving to Belgrade will find a home with many nationalities and a truly international and multicultural atmosphere.

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Relocating to Belgrade

About the City

Located in the north of the country, Belgrade is the capital and by far the most important city in Serbia, both economically and culturally. It also has the largest population of any city in Serbia, with more than one fifth of the country’s entire population living in the Belgrade metropolitan area — around 1.5 million people live there. The city is diverse, with different groups from all over the former Yugoslavia inhabiting it. These groups account for most of the demographic make-up, but an estimated 10,000 to 20,000 Chinese people live in Belgrade, with an unofficial Chinese quarter being a feature of the city, together with a number of Middle Easterners who began to move to Belgrade as students in the 1970’s.

Despite the diversity of Belgrade, religious practice is quite homogeneous, with the Serbian Orthodox community accounting for the vast majority of inhabitants.

The Climate in Belgrade

Belgrade has a moderate continental climate with four distinct seasons and evenly spread precipitation. January is the coldest month with average temperatures just above freezing and July is the hottest, with averages of 23.0°C (73.4°F). There are roughly 31 days a year when the temperature is above 30°C, and 95 days when it is above 25°C. Late spring is the wettest time of year.

One characteristic of the Belgrade climate is Košava — the southeast-east wind that brings clear, dry weather in autumn and winter, also cleaning the city air.

Visas for Serbia

All foreign visitors are required to register themselves with a police station in their district within 24 hours of entering the country. However, those staying in a hotel will automatically be registered by the hotel. People looking to move to Belgrade and stay longer than 90 days can apply for a temporary residence visa, and should obtain a residence or a business permit within three days of arriving. This will allow them to work, study or visit relatives. In the case of working or studying, proof of this will be required first.

Once a continuous stay of five years on a temporary residence visa has been completed, it is possible to apply for a permanent stay visa, with an application submitted to the Police Directorate for the City of Belgrade, located at Bulevar Despota Stefana 107. A permanent stay visa can also be issued to those married to Serbian nationals for more than three years.

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Updated on: December 06, 2018

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